In Today’s Dating World

I can’t tell you how happy I am that I found my soul mate oh so many moons ago. He is my “split apart” and I thank God every day for finding him when I did. I honestly don’t know what I would do without him. It must be hard these days to be single, with or without kids in the picture, it must be a challenge. If you are not involved with a church and the fellow ship that goes along with it, or into the bar scene, turning to the Internet in order to find your soul mate would be a good option. I know several people that can and do talk of success stories by using online matching sites.

Of course there are plenty of horror stories to be told about online dating, but no more than can be told of people hooking up with people the old fashioned way. One just needs to take precautions and use common sense, nothing has changed much in that area.

A good website that helps find the right dating site for your needs can be found at They offer full in-depth reviews on the top online dating sites such as, Perfect Match, American Singles, Lavalife,, just to name a few. Some I’ve heard of, some I have not, but that isn’t surprising since I’ve never checked into any of these matchmaking sites. I mean if you watch an TV at all you have had to have seen commercials for eHarmony. Yahoo personals has been around forever and are well known as well.  So it’s good to have a good review site that can assist with finding some of the ones that aren’t so widely advertised.

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