Promotional Custom T Shirts

I’m on the look out for some Cheap T Shirts. We have a close friend, Bo that is starting up his own bike shop and is looking for good quality, good looking promotional items to get the word out. Since most people are still wearing and buying Custom T Shirts we figured that it would be a good way to go. People that ride bikes tend to wear T Shirts a lot and are always looking for new ones and getting one for free can make a person’s day and stay with them for a good long while.

Bo isn’t the greatest on the computer, so I have volunteered to help in any way that I can in an effort to help him get this bike shop up and running. With that said he has turned to me to look for the perfect Customized T Shirts, using my Internet skills and time. I’m glad to help him in any way that I can, he is a good guy and is banking on making this business really taking off, giving him an opportunity to do something that he is good at and enjoys and keep his family under one roof and food on their table each day.

Bo was in a terrible bike accident years ago and he is trying to get back on his feet after this horrific ordeal. He did manage to finally get his Panhead back on the road and is now ready to grab the world and run with it. I’ll be here on the side lines cheering him on and doing my part to get things back in order for him.


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