Getting The Word Out About Our Business Via

A few years ago two of my friends and I have been working on saving all of our extra money and tax money to open up our own business, a hair salon, by the end of this coming fall. At this very moment we have enough not to only open up our own business but enough to for all three of us to go on a vacation before we do so.

We took a trip to the Bahamas for five days and four nights and had a blast, but all we could think or talk about was our ideas and plans for our hair salon. We couldn’t help ourselves but to wonder how we could get the word out about our business before and after it has opened up. A couple who sat a few feet from us while we were talking about the ways we could get the word out, asked us if we thought of making business cards or even a website.
They also talked about where we could find ways to do just that plus more for an affordable price. Needless to say I wrote down the website on a napkin that was near by, in hopes that I would remember to look it up ad research it when we got home from our vacation. When we arrived back home from our trip together, I jumped on the first chance I could to get to the computer to take a look at the awesome website. I found it, and instantly was attracted to all the neat things they could help us with, by getting the word out about our business.
When we got things up and running at our shop, we were excited to see so many faces around our shop for our grand opening, and after talking to our customers to find out how thy found out or heard about us, most responded back saying “your business card.” Thank you so much zoo printing we couldn’t of done it without you!