The Monkini Bathing Suit

I can’t believe that in no time summer will be here andwill be in full swing with the heat and humidity driving us all right up the wall and the air conditioning going full blast. I wish that it would stay spring time forever. I love the way we have thunder and lightening storms during spring and all the beautiful trees and flowers in full bloom before the extreme heat sets in and dries them all out so quickly. But alas summer will be here and a trip to the beach will be needed from time to time for fun in the sun and the nice cool waters.

I’ve been looking around at the bathing suits that are out on the market this year. Wow, I’ve got to tell you that I was surprised at how skimpy looking the majority are that I have found so far. I fear I’m getting a bit too old to be wearing these very revealing fashions that are “in” this season, sigh….


monokini bathing suit

I do like wearing a two piece and I have found a few that I would love to own that have are called Monkini, which is actually a one piece crochet bathing suit that has tie on the neck and back with tie sides you can safely secure the perfect fit for your own body. I know that sounds a bit confusing so I thought that I’d post the picture of the one that I have my eye on, to better show what this style actually looks like. I like that the crochet part helps hide the belly some what.


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