Retail Profiling Infographic

Camcode Customer Profiling Infographic

I had heard of retail profiling before and even knew quite a bit about it, but when I read this it was a real eye opener and I couldn’t resist sharing it today right here. These Infographics are a great way to learn about something. With great graphics, interesting tid bits and so much easier on the eyes then just a bunch of written words with maybe a picture or two involved.

Is anyone else out a bit surprised at the lengths that retail companies are going to in order to track us and figure us out. Heck with all this information it could certainly be possible that they are getting to know us even better than our friends and family are!

Knowing this information isn’t going to change my spending habits but it certainly has given me something to chew on for the next couple of days. Thanks to for putting this Infographic out there for us to review and learn from.