Wants and Needs

For the past year my oldest son has been going crazy trying to find a hobby or just something to keep him busy instead of work all day and then go home and sleep. He has been going to yoga classes and dance classes with his girlfriend to see if its something they can do as a couple to keep them both busy. The only problem was that his girlfriend worked the kind of hours that allowed her very little time to really do anything but work, unlike my son who only works few hours each week and has a ton of time to do anything he wanted.

So the classes they were taking together just didn’t work out since she wasn’t able to attend too many of the classes. Just a few months ago after trying to find something he would like to put his time into, he had started to spend his spare time with a old best friend of his that lives to play the guitar and is very good at it. My son took an interest in playing himself but could only afford just a guitar and nothing else. I ordered a gift card for Musician’s Friend so he could purchase exactly what he needed and wanted so that I didn’t have to guess. He might need a new strap or one of the Snark Tuners that are so easy to use in order to tune up his new friend! I had it shipped to his house, and needless to say he called and was happier then ever to find such a great gift at his doorstep waiting for him when he had gotten home from work.

He is now playing beautifully with his old best friend and his girlfriend had even gotten them a gig to play at next week that we are all amped up to see. We are just hoping his girlfriend whom set it all up for them is able to make it since she works such long hours, but if not then I am most definitely going to have it all on tape so we can share it to whomever wants to hear such beautiful music.

Indian Pow Wow

A good friend of mine took her kids to a Native American Pow Wow a few months back. She finally got around to sending me some photos. I would like to post them here to share with you. Pow Wows are a lot of fun.

mom and the chief drunken turkey dude

boheemium indian

mom at pow wow

Self help books

There must be a huge market for self help books. Seems almost everyone I know is reading one or the other! Over the past twenty years I have read a lot of self help books myself and to be perfectly honest I think that they all pretty much stayed the same thing has all the other self help books. I’ve noticed that all of them encourage the reader to leave anyone behind that is projecting negative energy. I think that is easier said than done. For many people that means to leave their entire family behind. I would like to see some self help books that helps people learn to accept those negative people and live with them but still be able to succeed in life.

Club Sponsorship

With the world in such a state of economic crisis, it is difficult to watch the evening news these days. Bankruptcies, lay offs, well established companies going under and then with the crime rate on the increase each day I don’t even want to turn the news on anymore. It is way too much and I’m having a difficult time finding any good, anywhere lately.

My best friend has told me that she is experiencing the same issues so we have decided to boycott the news for the time being together. Unfortunately it isn’t all that easy, news is everywhere, not only on TV, but the radio and the Internet are full of the depressing news as well that creep up on us no matter.

So I was glad to stumble onto some good news for once and wanted to share it and pass it along here today. It seems that Cheaper than hotels is offering and providing grants and funding to communities, organizations and clubs that are in need. For more information you can visit cheaperthanhotels dot com/sponsorship and see what it is all about. I have a particular Club Sponsorship in mind for the neighborhood that I would like to check into and this just might be the place to find it. Drugs and gangs are becoming a real issue here and I would like to see something done about it, but it all takes money, so it is worth the time and effort to see what I can come up with before approaching City Council.