Driving Made Easy

Our oldest daughter has been a challenge to raise, to say the least, but now that she has a drivers license she has been very helpful to have around and it is nice to know that I’m getting something out of the deal, after all the heartaches of raising and dealing with her and her “issues.”

Being a working mom is the hardest thing I have ever had to do.  There just isn’t enough of me to go around and not enough hours in the day to get everything done.  My family depends on me way too much, I swear I wonder how they are wiping their own behinds on their own without me there to hold their hand while doing their business. Even trying to write my daily blogs I get interrupted several times per paragraph, I am about full to the brim with it all.

That is where my daughters driving comes into play.  It is so nice to be able to send her out to pick up things that I don’t have the time or energy to do, like picking up milk or cigarettes, late at night.  I wish she had her own car to drive instead of having to take one of ours, but that will come eventually, I hope.  Her little sister needs transporting here and there, like most kids, and it is nice to know that if I am busy or sick that I can depend on the oldest to pitch in and drive her where needed.

new driver on board

Watch Out World

This Year It’s The Lemon Scented

Most men that I know have found a cologne and/or an aftershave that they like and have stuck to that product for about as long as they can remember. I guess most men don’t like experimenting with such things as much as many women do. There is nothing like going into a store and trying all the new fragrances that they allow you to sample in most stores. As long as I don’t get too carried away and try too many which leaves me smelling like a cheap whore!

My father is so very difficult to buy for and Father’s Day is going to be here in a couple months. I have asked him what he would like this year and his reply is always the same. He tells me that he doesn’t want nor need anything and not to worry about giving him anything. Once again I guess I will order him his myrsol aftershave from this site that I have used many years in the past and have been happy with. But this time I am going to purchase the lemon scented to mix it up just a bit. Woman are so much easier and much more fun to shop for. I miss my late mother so much.

squeezing a lemon or two

Lemon After Shave

Green Credit Repair?

Since going “Green” is so important these days, I try my best to go with companies that are putting forth the effort to go “Green” as well. I’ve always been an avid recycler and try and encourage people to do the same, it really isn’t all that much work for goodness sakes. So when I read that Ovation Credit had made a commitment to be as “Green” as possible I found myself checking them out to see what all that they have to offer with their credit repair services.

Bad credit is something that a lot of people are finding themselves dealing with these days. The economy has done a number on us and a lot of us are looking at ways to improve our credit scores. Ovation Credit has the means to fix your credit and avoid the filing of bankruptcy, which can really put a damper on your life style for years to come.

Wants and Needs

For the past year my oldest son has been going crazy trying to find a hobby or just something to keep him busy instead of work all day and then go home and sleep. He has been going to yoga classes and dance classes with his girlfriend to see if its something they can do as a couple to keep them both busy. The only problem was that his girlfriend worked the kind of hours that allowed her very little time to really do anything but work, unlike my son who only works few hours each week and has a ton of time to do anything he wanted.

So the classes they were taking together just didn’t work out since she wasn’t able to attend too many of the classes. Just a few months ago after trying to find something he would like to put his time into, he had started to spend his spare time with a old best friend of his that lives to play the guitar and is very good at it. My son took an interest in playing himself but could only afford just a guitar and nothing else.

Knowing that his old guitar strap needed some work as well as a needing a new acoustic strap button or maybe two, I ordered a gift card for Musician’s Friend so he could purchase exactly what he needed and wanted so that I didn’t have to guess. I had it shipped to his house, and needless to say he called and was happier then ever to find such a great gift at his doorstep waiting for him when he had gotten home from work.

for the love of music

Martin Guitar Strap Button

He is now playing beautifully with his old best friend and his girlfriend had even gotten them a gig to play at next week that we are all amped up to see. We are just hoping his girlfriend whom set it all up for them is able to make it since she works such long hours, but if not then I am most definitely going to have it all on tape so we can share it to whomever wants to hear such beautiful music.

Belly Dancing Outfit, Multiple Usage Possibilities

This year I would like to buy myself a brand new Halloween costume for me to wear. I’ve seen some pretty decent looking sexy costumes coming out as of late and I want to start looking for the perfect one for me well ahead of time. I do want to make sure that I get the best deal that I can find and will be using the Internet for the majority of the time. I like using my PayPal account and try to find businesses that accept PayPal as payment. Free shipping is a must when I order online and any other saving incentives are always welcome.

I like the look of this belly dance outfit that I found earlier today. Since I have been taking belly dancing lessons I think that it would be a great idea to use for both Halloween and future classes. It’s less than $40, now that is what I call one of the great discount sexy costumes of the year, just what I had in mind!

I have several jewelry pieces that would go well with it, just need to keep my eye out for a nice veil that I can drape across my shoulders, they always seem to get cold. Plus we will be learning how to belly dance with veils during the next dance session that starts back up in September. Tomorrow is the last class of this session, sigh……..