Using Collective Gift Cards For A Drop D Tuning System

Each Christmas holiday season I realize what a great concept it is to give people a gift card instead of just some junky gift that they don’t need, want, use or appreciate. One of my nephews really wanted a guitar this past Christmas, not something that just one of us could buy for him. Instead we all decided to give him gift cards in the amount that each of us could afford in hopes that he would get enough to be able to save up enough to get him exactly what he wanted.

Now that Christmas is way over and done with, he has found the right one to fit his budget. Now is a good time to buy since businesses are trying to get people to start their holiday season ASAP and are busy coming up with ways to get some of that money their pockets sooner rather than later.

He sent a pic of the drop d tuning system that he has placed his order for to all the relatives that helped pitch in and made his dream happen. Or at least it will be in a few weeks when it arrives at his door step.

sweet deal

EVH D-Tuna Drop D Tuning System

Hot Tubs & Spas for the Winter Months

We were watching a movie last night that took place somewhere way up north, most likely in Maine or in Alaska. At one point in the movie there was a couple that were kicking back, outside at night, under the stars, drinks in hand, music playing all in their nice bubbling hot tub. I have desperately wanted an outside hot tub for us to enjoy for such a long time.

I can just see spending a nice good amount of time in it all alone or with the ol’ man all year round. But to be able to use it during the cold winter months, it just sounds like a piece of heaven to me, so I had a little tantrum last night and the ol’ man has finally decided to put into action what it takes to make this one dream of mine come true in time for this winter!

So we went online this afternoon and started looking at the different options for outside hut tubs that are available these days. My goodness that are a lot of different things to consider and so many different variations out there to choose from, it was mind boggling, but we got a short little education on the subject for the day and now we will chew on it for a few days and then start digging a little bit deeper armed with a little bit of knowledge.

We are not even sure if we want to purchase a brand new one or find a decent used one to start with. There are deals to be had either way, but like I said we have a bit of time and the wheels are now in motion! Water is so therapeutic and the hotter the better. This is something to really look forward to!

that could be me

Works For Me

Paper or Plastic

I find myself complaining more and more about the need for a bigger and better purse to carry as well as a bigger and better wallet that will help alleviate the madness in my life. You see I rarely carry any cash in my wallet and the only change I keep is the bare minimum, usually a couple of quarters (since quarters are still be used for parking in some places) and maybe a couple of pennies.

At the end of the day I dump most of my change into the various change jars that I have at home, which has saved and will continue to save my butt, when I find myself in a jam. So with the fact that my overloaded wallet isn’t overflowing with money it really irks me that I have to carry so much paperwork and plastic cards on me in order to go about my daily business. My current wallet’s strap broke after only 4 months of use and I have to wrap a rubber band around it now before returning it to my purse.

So much information crammed into a “women’s” wallet, I don’t that is what they were intended to be using for. It seems that 99.9% of the stores that I go to have a loyalty rewards program going on that require you (the loyal customer) to carry some type of paper or plastic on your person in order for them to scan or enter your customer number in order for you to reap your rewards. Some places offer the key tag version, but I have way too much on my key chain as it is so I only have two customer loyalty marketing tags stuck on there, the rest are crammed into my wallet. And if you can’t produce the card most places will and can enter your phone number in system, but even that gets tricky with several phone numbers being used these days that it’s hard to keep up with which one was used for what, especially when other family members in the household have their own cards and we use different phone numbers, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

I understand the need for these rewards technology, but I just wish that I didn’t have to deal with all the effort that goes along with these companies that are doing the necessary marketing that they have to do in order to draw in the customer and even more important, ho to keep them coming back for more and more…..

And as far as all of the business cards, debit cards, phone numbers, email addresses, library cards, voter registration and various receipts that are jammed all in my wallet as well, well maybe that will be addressed in the future, I’m done for now.

Website Expectations

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Natural, the Only Way to Go

You would think that a woman of my age would not have to worry about black heads and acne anymore. I have had to deal with facial blemishes most of my life and am always on the look out for new Acne Products that I can find and try online. The Internet has become a valuable tool in finding all types of personal hygiene products and interesting  information such as how to prevent and How To Get Rid Of Acne, that I have been looking at recently.