Dr Hook

Remember Dr. Hook? Haven’t heard or even thought of this song in so long, but it invaded my head today and had me bopping around the kitchen while cooking dinner. Just had to see if YouTube had it, and wouldn’t you know it, they did!

Cute Play On Words

I seem to remember hearing this funny little play on words many, many years ago. Loved it then, still love it now!

Coca Cola went to town
Diet Pepsi knocked him down
Dr. Pepper picked him up
Now were drinking 7 up
7 up got the flu
Now were drinking Mountain Dew
Mountain Dew fell off the mountain
Now were drinking from the fountain
Fountain broke, people choke
Now were back to drinking Coke!

so many choices


drinks, drinks and more drinks

Even More Choices

My Kind of Limo

Is this not the coolest Limo you have ever seen or what???  I have ridden in Cadillac Limos and have seen all the other kinds of Limos but this is my kind of Limo for sure.  What do you think?  I can see it now, wedding party with the bride on the back and her veil blowing in the wind.  Is that not a thought???  Check it out yourself.

riding in style

Harley Davidson Limo

Harley Davidson Museum

Well I guess you should have guessed where we are headed this summer. We’re going to Milwaukee Wisconsin to see the Harley Davidson Museum. My grandfather on my fathers side was one of the first Harley Davidson mechanics in the state way back when!! Pop rode Indians mostly but worked on any and all motorcycles that were brought to him.

I guess he’s the cause of our blood being orange instead of red ;) I can’t wait. Go online and check it out. They have a virtual tour you can take online but I’m taking mine up close and personally!!!

harley davidson

The One and Only HD Museum

North Carolina and It’s Beauty

I find it surprising that one of the few cities that some how stays under the radar but is really a lovely town is Greensboro, NC. Most people only think of Charlotte when they think of North Carolina – or maybe the Outer Banks area. But Greensboro is in the center of the state, so you have quick access to everything that North Carolina offers. From the Atlantic Beaches to the Blue Ridge Mountains.

lovely to look at and to live in

Beautiful Greensboro N.C.