Club Sponsorship

With the world in such a state of economic crisis, it is difficult to watch the evening news these days. Bankruptcies, lay offs, well established companies going under and then with the crime rate on the increase each day I don’t even want to turn the news on anymore. It is way too much and I’m having a difficult time finding any good, anywhere lately.

My best friend has told me that she is experiencing the same issues so we have decided to boycott the news for the time being together. Unfortunately it isn’t all that easy, news is everywhere, not only on TV, but the radio and the Internet are full of the depressing news as well that creep up on us no matter.

So I was glad to stumble onto some good news for once and wanted to share it and pass it along here today. It seems that Cheaper than hotels is offering and providing grants and funding to communities, organizations and clubs that are in need. For more information you can visit cheaperthanhotels dot com/sponsorship and see what it is all about. I have a particular Club Sponsorship in mind for the neighborhood that I would like to check into and this just might be the place to find it. Drugs and gangs are becoming a real issue here and I would like to see something done about it, but it all takes money, so it is worth the time and effort to see what I can come up with before approaching City Council.



I have always loved the music that Queen produced back in the day. The way that they incorporate opera and rock is just awesome. Fat Bottom Girls was one of my favorites and found it today on YouTube. A blast from the past!

Another great way to find out about musicians, like Queen, philip sayce and other great artists is to go online and check out The Hub which is put out by the Musician’s Friend website. I can guarantee you will learn something and be entertained all the while.

Water Bed Funny Video

My sister sent me this video today in her daily email to me. I believe that it was made in Germany, but there is no language barrier with laughter! And since we were on the subject of beds . . .

My sister and I would always walk up to the shopping center (there were no “malls” back then – at least not any where close enough for us to walk or ride our bikes to and have the time of our lives people watching. We did pull a few pranks along the way but we were always afraid of getting in trouble. Back then most of the town knew our family which meant we couldn’t get away with much, which is funny because it really wasn’t a small town, it certainly has grown by leaps and bounds. I’ll bet nobody knows anyone else in that town now-a-days. It always makes me sad when we go back there and drive around telling the same old stories, dealing with a flood of memories of days and nights gone by, wishing we could do it all over again.

I’m so grateful that our parents, well my Dad mainly, took a good amount of pictures and we even had a home video camera, which was very rare back in those days. Some of the film doesn’t even had sound, that is how old these films are. They are so much fun to watch. In fact I think it’s time to dig them out again and watch one day with the rest of the family after dinner. It has been over 6 years since we have done that, it’s way over due at this point!

Helping Mom

This week, I am going to go to my mother’s apartment and help her with a few things. Now that she is a little older, I find myself going over there a good amount. She lives alone now, and little things that people take for granted, like the strength to open a bottle, seem to be an issue for her. I’m glad that my mother lives so close. She took care of me for all of these years and this is really the least I can do for her. When I make a visit over there this week, I need to help her find a new hearing aid for herself. I am going to bring my laptop over there and showing her a few websites that I find  to see what she thinks. Hopefully we can get that situation figured out for her pretty quickly…

I can’t tell you how happy I am that my mother still has the ability to live on her own. Her place is neatly kept, and it’s actually very inviting. It’s just the right size for her, the dear thing. What more can you ask for?

Hi-Low Adjustable Beds for Ease

Oh how we all need a good night’s sleep. Unfortunately most of us aren’t getting what we need. This is becoming a big issue and a hot topic of discussion. Many medicines are being handed out for sleeping, with many over the counter sleeping aids flying off of the shelves quickly as well. These medicines are helping for a short term problem with sleep, but there are so many other ways to deal with the problem that need to be addressed as well.

Having the right bed and mattress can make a huge difference in your sleep. I understand that the normal basic mattress is only good for ten years, ten years can go by quickly with little thought given to it’s age and deterioration that is inevitable.

Going online can show you many options that are now available with today’s technology working to give us all a better nights sleep in these stress full times. I was looking at the new and improved hi-low adjustable bed at, one of their many adjustable beds that are designed to help folks get in and out of bed with more ease. A pretty cool feature that is worth looking into when the time comes to buy a new bed.