Opinions for Cash

My best friend has been out of work for some time now, due to an injury to her shoulder. She is going stir crazy around the house and is now checking out ways to make money from home. She has found a website of My opinion now.com that offers folks paid online surveys, which I have to admit sounds interesting. Getting paid to voice your opinion about different companies and their various merchandise sounds like a rewarding opportunity to me. And since she is known for not having a problem voicing her opinion this online surveying could suit her very, very well.

It seems that after you complete each survey you earn a certain amount of reward points that you can cash in for cash or merchandise or a combination of both if you like. By signing up right now she will earn 100 bonus points to get her going and if she can refer a friend to them she can also earn 25 points for each referral. So you can go ahead and take guess as to who she is trying to get to join up!

I told her that I want her to try it for a short time, let me know what she thinks about the whole thing and then let me know her thoughts. At that point I’d consider it, what the heck I have an opinion too!

Celebrations For Fall

The days are getting shorter, the nights are getting cooler and there are school buses all over the roads morning and afternoon. I love this time of year. The heat and the humidity is driving me right up the wall and I can’t wait for autumn to arrive and make the days much more tolerable for me.

With the coming of autumn comes all the preparations for Halloween. This year I would really like to be able to hold a Halloween party and invite a lot of my friends that no longer have little kids that they have to deal with taking out for trick or treating and all that goes with that process. All they would need to do is turn off their porch light and hopefully the trick or treaters will pass their house by and move on to the next one that is ready with their Halloween treats.

I’d love to be able to decorate the house, fix some nice foods, fill the fridge with lots of cold beer and have several nice bottles of wine ready to be opened for those that don’t appreciate the taste of beer. I like both beer and wine so I’m not too difficult to please. A nice White Russian always puts a smile on my face, but they are a bit pricey so I think I’ll stick with the beer and wine.

I don’t have a problem dressing up for the occasion, I just don’t know if I’d be able to convince my husband to do so. He generally is a good sport with most things, but I never know how his mood is going to be like, but I can ask and see, stranger things have been known to happen with this man. I’m sure most of planning would fall into my hands, which is fine with me. I have a lot of Halloween decorations that I’ve collected through out the years, and I’m up for the challenge!

What’s For Dinner?

I am getting bored with my own cooking. It is now winter and the cold weather tells me to cook a lot of comfort food. But the problem with comfort food is that most of it is very fattening and it takes a long time to prepare.

I am missing the salads and the fresh fruits of summer. I could really use a half cantaloupe or a bowl of fresh strawberries.

Dinner is getting to be a challenge to come up with something tasty and satisfying. I need to find some recipes and try something new.

my cravings

Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

Our Nation’s Capitol With the Red Hatters

My mother is trying to get me to come along with her Red Hatter lady friends for a trip to Washington D.C. at the end of next June. They are looking into hiring/renting a DC charter bus to transport us all and then take us all around our Nation’s Capitol to see all the sites that are to be seen. It sounds like a good opportunity to spend time with my mom and her friends that are a total blast when they get together.

It won’t be too long before I can join their Red Hatter’s club, something that my mother is looking forward to me doing. They are a good group of ladies, I’ve known most of them all my life and have grown to love and respect. They do some pretty cool things together and I think visiting and touring Washington D.C. with them would be a real kick.

Having the transportation issue all worked out with a company such as haymarkettrans.com only makes sense. I know that D.C. is a big city with a bunch of one way streets and crazy traffic patterns. I can’t even imagine us trying to get around on our own, so any help we could get with that would be all good!

We Just Don’t Need Crowd Control Here

Today I went into my bank and was surprised to find that they have had stanchions installed in order to maintain some type of crowd control at that branch, which I find to be so silly. I have never seen more than a half a dozen people in that branch for as long as I have used them. Besides the fact that most people I know don’t have any money so there is no need to be rushing to any bank pushing and shoving the other people to get to the teller.

The beautifully plush velvet rope that they have installed is another surprise. I know for a fact that velvet isn’t cheap, for that matter neither are the stanchions that they have purchased and placed in their lobby. That just irritates me to think that they are spending good money on such things when money is so tight for so many good people all across the country. This is just a small bank in a small town, not some fancy big city bank that needs all the pretty fancy stuff that is expected in larger banks in larger areas. Such a waste…..