A Salty Piece of Land

I don’t have the time or much opportunity these days to read much more than the newspaper or a magazine or a Reader’s Digest perhaps, which I have several copies conveniently located in the bathrooms in the house. But that doesn’t mean that once in a while I’ll find a book that really interests me and I will take the time to do what I can in reading it all the way to the end.

My daughter actually had me in mind when she and her friends went to the local flea market yesterday when she was looking through a box of books that were being given away for free. She is an avid reader and loves looking for new and exciting books to bring home and when she sees books that are being given away she usually walks away with an arm load.

This box contained a book written by Jimmy Buffett, by the name of “A Salty Piece of Land” a novel. She knows that her mom and I are both avid Jimmy Buffett fans from way back and she went ahead and picked it up for me along with a bunch of other ones for her from this box of free reading materials. That was a pleasant surprise, she is always surprising us with things, and they are not usually on the pleasant side I’m sorry to say.

Jimmy Buffett

A Salty Piece of Land

My Kitchen

Being a long time  firm believer of hydrotherapy, I have been drawn to water in an effort to sooth my aching body, my mind and my soul most of my life. So when I moved into my place it was a given that it had a Jacuzzi tub in the master bathroom. There is nothing like a nice cold beer or a nice cold glass of sweet tea with lots of ice, a good book and a good soaking in a hot tub with jets and whirlpools working their magic all over my body.

I’ve been looking at various bathroom vanities for a while now. Each time I think I have found the perfect one, some thing happens to change my plans right before I start to lay my hard earned money down and sign on the dotted line. So I’m still in the market for one and have been coming up with some pretty interesting websites that offer some intriguing bath and kitchen fixtures as well. I really like the looks of the one that I copied and pasted on here today.

Along with the bathroom needing an update, my kitchen certainly could use some work. So I’ve been spending a good amount of time checking out some kitchen sinks and kitchen faucets online. Oh what I would do for some of the popular Fulterer soft close drawer slides to have installed in the many kitchen drawers that I am lucky to have in my kitchen. They have to be the loudest cabinets and drawers that I have ever had to deal with. It may sound finicky, but I do know that I have sensitive ears to numerous noises that most people don’t even notice. Sit me next to a person that is chewing their food with their mouths open and making those horrible chewing sounds and I will be going crazy inside this head of mine!

Mico Pro Chef with Spray

Sleek Looking Mico 7714 Pro Chef w/ Spray

So far this is my favorite kitchen faucet that I’ve found, I like the modern sleek look rather than a lot of the old fashioned styles that I generally would have gone with in the past.

Today’s Gold and So Much More

I’ve been hearing more and more with each passing year about the value of gold these days. It seems that the price of gold has continued to go up and people are still locking to find out more about the subject and a lot of selling and buying is going on with it. We are all seeing more commercials that are advertising fast money for your gold coins along with your unwanted/unused gold that you have laying around the house, in your drawers, chests and jewelry boxes.

During Christmas, our local mall even sported a kiosk that was offering cash money for gold. I know several people that used their services, some were happy with the amount of money that they received for it and some were not so happy. I never went so I couldn’t really give an honest opinion, I stayed away from the mall as much as possible this holiday season, doing most of my shopping online.

“Inside The Vietnam War”

One channel that I really enjoy watching that Direct TV offers is the National Geographic Channel and tonight I am recording the documentary called “Inside the Vietnam War”. I’m glad that I recorded it because I had been outside tending to the yard and garden, enjoying the nice cool evening and I missed the first 45 minutes of it, sigh….

an interesting story

Inside The Vietnam War

Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

I know that there are a lot of women, like me, that enjoy the wonderful fashion show that Victoria’s Secret airs for us to view each year, and this year’s was really great. It always amazes me the way they have these beautiful young women adorned with their latest fashions and how by them¬†adding such brilliant theme pieces that really does the trick of fulfilling many a fantasies strutting down that runway.

My sister and I used to pretend that we were fashion models. We spent many afternoons trying to perfect our runway walk that we dreamed we would use on some famous catwalk when we got older! In fact we still crack each other up now and then when we listen to the song “I’m Too Sexy” which is all about walking down the “Catwalk” and we switch into our silly mood and start the much exaggerated walk that we never got the chance to do as we always dreamed we would.

A had a few friends over the other evening and we put the TV on the Fashion Show and a good time was had by all, too bad that I had to take a trip into the kitchen to refill some empty snack dishes and clean up the kitchen a bit. It would have been a lot easier with a Dishwasher in my poor old out-dated kitchen, when the exotic butterfly creation walked down the runway. Having the ability to rewind and fast forward isn’t an option on the living TV, I do have a DVR in my room that has that wonderful feature, it would have come in handy that night. The hooting and whistling that went on while I was in the kitchen was pretty loud, maybe they will show this program again and I can see the entire program that way.