Hattie Ann on August 20th, 2014

The “submit button” was pushed this morning for the pro tools 11 that I have been eyeballing online for my kid brother’s birthday on September 30th. He will be turning 30. That is a big deal for most people and he is no different. So we are holding a good sized surprise party that should be and hopefully will be a blast.

He has been wanting this Pro Tools 11 for a while now so I figure I’d try and put a smile on his aging face on his big night. I hope we can all pull this surprise party off. It is really difficult to keep any type of a secret in this family so it will be interesting to see how this all pans out. I hope the weather will be a lot nicer by the end of March, so far it has been cold and windy with lots of rain, sleet and snow.

This is a good video about the Pro Tools 11 on YouTube.


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Hattie Ann on August 14th, 2014

We think that we have found a swing set in chesapeake va that will be a good match for what we have been looking for to put in the backyard. The old swing set really hasn’t been in the best of shape for the last couple of years. When all the kids in the family come over and head out to the backyard they generally run right past the old swing set that is just sitting there rusting and providing a great place for many of the bees, hornets and/or wasps to make their nests in, which isn’t the best place to pick, of all places.

Anyway we have found a company that will custom make any type of backyard playground playsets for a very reasonable price. I have the perfect vision in my head of what I’d like to see built back there. It’s going to be a challenge drawing my idea on paper so that others can see what I have in mind. I am not the best with drawing things. The best I have ever been able to do are stick men, a house, a couple trees (or maybe they are bushes, hard to tell with my sorry attempt) and a strange looking hippie looking creatures that my two older sister’s and I made up back in middle school to use for when my eldest sister ran for Class President. We drew it on posters, flyers, and anywhere else we thought people would see it and vote for my sis. She actually won that election and we would all like to think that our drawings played a key role in the outcome.


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Hattie Ann on August 8th, 2014

My younger is really upset these days with all the phone calls being placed to his home and cell phone from all his bill collectors that are trying to get him to cough up the money that he owes. He lost his job earlier this year and wasn’t able to collect unemployment benefits and has been really struggling. It’s a good thing that we have a large family that he has been able to rely on to get him through these horrendous times, but he is starting to running out of options.

This is going to be a very lax Christmas for a lot of people this year. No one has any money and what money they do have they don’t want to be spending on frivolous Christmas gifts, I can tell you that. And it doesn’t look like things will be letting up any time soon. Unemployment is still high, gas prices haven’t come down at all in quite some time and with the cold weather coming upon us a lot of our money will be going towards keeping our houses warm enough to live in.

My parents have been urging my unemployed brother to consider utilizing a debt consolidation loan that so many are taking advantage of. This can lower your monthly payments, lower or eliminate high interest rates, and hopefully stop all the annoying phone calls that invade our lives.

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Hattie Ann on August 2nd, 2014

Did you know that you can go to driver access.com and download their software that will run a free scan and tell you what your Computer Drivers are in need of updating, all this in uder 5 mintues? I didn’t know that (although I’m not surprised) there is so much to keep up with when it comes to computers that it just blows my mind away most of the time. My goodness our computers have really progressed since the first PCs came out in the 80′s, I’m glad that my brother has kept up with it all, because I got lost in the 90′s! He is the only reason I am still using the computer, if it were not for him I would have given up years ago.

He is always turning me on to different and new things that he comes across and is always willing to stop by and lend a hand when I need him, which seems to work out to several times a year. I don’t know one driver from the other, the USB Drivers, the Video Drivers, the Audio Drivers, the Mouse Drivers oh my!  So many drivers and so little time, as they say. So I’m glad that little brother is taking good care of me and my laptop, some one needs to.

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Hattie Ann on July 27th, 2014

My best friend has been out of work for some time now, due to an injury to her shoulder. She is going stir crazy around the house and is now checking out ways to make money from home. She has found a website of My opinion now.com that offers folks paid online surveys, which I have to admit sounds interesting. Getting paid to voice your opinion about different companies and their various merchandise sounds like a rewarding opportunity to me. And since she is known for not having a problem voicing her opinion this online surveying could suit her very, very well.

It seems that after you complete each survey you earn a certain amount of reward points that you can cash in for cash or merchandise or a combination of both if you like. By signing up right now she will earn 100 bonus points to get her going and if she can refer a friend to them she can also earn 25 points for each referral. So you can go ahead and take guess as to who she is trying to get to join up!

I told her that I want her to try it for a short time, let me know what she thinks about the whole thing and then let me know her thoughts. At that point I’d consider it, what the heck I have an opinion too!

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