Mighty Mouse vs Popeye

I was having a discussion with a friend about the old superheroes that we grew up. My favorite being Popeye. I have always loved the old black and white Popeye cartoons, where he does a lot of mumbling obscenities throughout the entire episode. The newer cartoons of Popeye leave a whole lot to be desired and I can’t bear to watch them.

My friend on the other claims that Mighty Mouse was the best, so I thought that I would google Mighty Mouse just to learn a bit more about him, for conversation sake. I found that he started as a super powered housefly that went by the name of “Superfly” and then was changed to “toon mouse” in 1942 as was known as “Super Mouse” before he finally appeared as “Mighty Mouse”  Wikipedia is a great place to find trivial information, for conversation sake!

Jon Stewart

It certainly will be very odd not to see Jon Stewart hosting The Daily Show any more. I didn’t get to watch this particular episode but heard about it enough to make me curious to look it up on YouTube.

Ride For Pride

Every day when I venture out of the house and hit the road I see at least one truck or Harley-Davidson motorcycle proudly flying/displaying their Confederate Flag. It makes me proud, and gives me goose bumps. I always honk my horn and/or give them a “thumbs up” if I can catch their attention.

I wish that there was some type of rally or protest around here because I would make darned sure that I was there and hopefully with many friends and family members right along with me.

Plastics Are Attractive and Do Come in Handy

My youngest daughter is struggling with credit issue. She is the type that has to learn things the hard way and this is one example. I have been urging her for years not to take her risky credit issues lightly, as having a good credit record is a major responsibility and she isn’t known for being responsible, sigh…

With today’s economy in crisis and credit being a “hot topic” she is worried. She all of a sudden realizes how important it is these days to have some sort of a credit card. And she is currently searching for credit cards for people with bad credit and has turned to the Internet for help, at my urging.

She has found a website that has the means to inform and then hook people up with various offers for credit cards for bad credit rating issues. We’ve checked them out together online and found some good options and information concerning bad credit credit cards there.

There a ways to get back on track and re establish a good highly credit rating, there are many offers that are available with reward programs, manageable rates and reasonable fees. So I’m sure she will decide on one and run with it soon even.

just like doninoes

So Many Credit Cards In So Many Colors

Motorcycle or Car

This isn’t something that one sees every day, which is probably a good thing!  LOL

Found on Ebay,

1967 Ford Mustang Trike

mustang trike

1967 Ford Mustang Trike

Funny thing is that my very first car was a 1967 Mustang, it was yellow.